Code: SCBP-23C6

Symbologies: codes 1D
Récepteur: Récepteur sans fil USB
Mémoire: 2M; .Max.100000 codes;
Profondeur de champ: 10-800mm
Résolution: 0.1mm (4 mil)
Vitesse de décodage: 150 fois / sec.
Méthode de numérisation: manuelle
BER: 1/8 million
Taille d’affichage: 2,5 pouces, soutien
Treillis chinois 16 * 16, 16 rangs et 20
Batterie: N’importe quelle batterie sèche n ° 5
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CPU 32-bit high-speed ARM
Flash memory 2MB
Power supply 1) 2pcs AA dry batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries (best 1600-2400mah NiMH Battery)
2)Supporting USB charging for rechargeable NiMH batteries
3)With remaining power indicator on LCD display
Screen display 128×128 FSTN LCD screen, supporting 16-row and 20-line character display
Backlight Blue highlighted LED
size & weight 165 x 65 x 45 mm, about 200 g
Keyboard Standard high quality silicon 26-key keyboard
Standby time More than six months (starting from 100% remaining power).
Power consumption is lower than most similar devices on the market.
Data protection Data will be saved automatically and will not get lost when the terminal is powered off.
The user can switch on/off the terminal freely without damaging the data. After switching on,
the screen resumes to the display before last switching off.
Power saving mode Support automatic powering off when not in use.
Wireless transmission 1) Frequency: 433MHz. Two-way transmission.
2) Maximum wireless transmitting power: +10dB.
3) Wireless receiving sensitivity: -102dB.
4) CRC verification to ensure stable wireless transmission.
5) With wireless signal strength indicator on the LCD display.
6) USB connection with computer.
Scanning depth of field 1 – 800 mm
Scanning frequency 150 times / second
Light source 650nm red laser
Barcode scan width Adjustable up to 20cm
Decoding capability EAN13, EAN8, 39 code, 93 code, 128 code, interleave 25 codes (IT25), Codabar, UPCA, UPCE, and etc.
Anti-dropping Height: no more than 1.2 meters

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Avec ou sans fil

Sans fil

Type de scanner

Clé USB, Collecteur de données




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