Transpak TP-702CSA-59 Automatic strapping machine

Brand: Transpak
Model: TP-702CSA-59
Arch size: 21,5” x 16”
Strap dimension: 1/4” (5mm)
Date: 2013
INCLUDED: 1/4 ” (5mm) strapping roll


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TP-702 is an innovative world-class high speed automatic strapping machine. It is suitable for 5 mm PP strapping. Equipping with all industry’s standard features and creative user friendly designs, TP-702 offers the most optimal performance, highest speed, easiest maintenance, and the most cost effective solution in its class.



  • Robust & compact mechanical strapping head
  • High speed up to 65 straps per minute 
  • Free access to strap guides (patents registered)
  • Waist-high auto strap feeding
  • Waist-high quick coil change (patents registered)
  • Turnable operating control panel
  • Auto strap ejector
  • Dispenser release switch
  • Sensor controlled heater
  • Low voltage
  • Strap end ejector
  • Front foot bar switch
  • Adjustable table height between 820 mm and 920 mm



  • Photo-eye switch
  • Rear foot bar switch

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