GLR-100 Label Rewinder


The GLR-100 provides a simple, fast & economical solution to the problem of printing large quantities of labels at one time where large roll diameters are required.

Features Include:

  • Electronic speed control automatically synchronizes the winding speed to the speed of your printer
  • Switch Selectable Bi-Directional Motor Control (winds labels in or out)
  • Speed up to 28″/Second
  • Universal Power Supply 100-240VAC, 47/63hz
  • Maximum Roll Diameter 12″ / 30.48cm
  • Maximum Roll Width 1″ to 9″ / 2.5cm to 22.86cm
  • Core Size 3″ / 7.62cm Inside Diameter (Optional Core Sizes and Coreless Kit Available)
  • RoHS Compliant

Why this model:

GLR-100 is the ideal choice for printer applications where the label width is greater than 4″.  Combined with the GLU-100 Label Unwinder, the GLR-100 can rewind rolls up to 12″ in diameter which is ideal for label applicator applications.

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