The new lithium-ion battery powered P330 strapping tool has been especially developed for the application of heavy polyester strapping up to a width of 1″ (25.0 mm) and a thickness of .060″ (1.53 mm). This versatile tool can pull up to 1350 lbs (6000N) of tension on industrial applications such as sheet metal, plate glass, coiled metal and wire and more using high quality strapping.

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Features and benefits

  • Easy strap threading – both straps are inserted into the tool together
  • Adjustable sealing time allows individual setting for a specific strap quality and size – high seal efficiency is guaranteed.
  • The individual tension adjustment avoids excessive or insufficient strap tension; the loads are perfectly secured with the appropriately tensioned straps.
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P330 (Charger only), P330 (Battery only), P330 (Tool+Battery+Charger)