Fromm A452 et A461

FROMM A452 / A461

The A452 pneumatic pusher type tensioner and A461 pneumatic sealer are designed to be used together on round or irregular-shaped loads. These pneumatic tools are widely used in the metals industry for strapping loads of pipe, beams, steel coils, and other large and difficult-to-strap objects. The A452 tensioner can provide a maximum tension of 1900 lbs (8500 N) for heavy loads of metal. The A461 sealer’s one stroke operation applies a double notch upcut seal joint for maximum safety.

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Features and benefits


  • Free wheeling system retains tension after tensioning has been completed
  • Safety button can release the strap tension at any time
  • Silent operation
  • High tensioning speed
  • Light tool ideal for non stationary applications


  • One-hand operation
  • Seal safety mechanism prevents faulty operation resulting in poor seal joints
  • Tool handle can be oriented either parallel to the strap or at a 90 degree angle
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A452, A461