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automatic strapping machine Merlin E

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Merlin automatic High speed DC motor Direct driven strapping machine
High Speed strapper with an advanced tensioning system for use on very low to very high tension applications.
 Suitable for corrugated, printing and general industries. 
High speed strapping for your strapping demands, this bottom seal strapping equipment can widely increase your productivity with its advanced tensioning system, and makes your strapping job easier with extraordinary competitive advantages. 

Accommodating to wide range of product sizes, effectively making the strapping securing process maximizes your production speed, with the maximum capacity cycle time:46 straps/min. Used for polypropylene straps in broad range of straps width from 5,6,9,12, to 15 mm, this automatic strapping series is particularly suitable to be applied for corrugated, printing and general industry for those high friction package such as Styrofoam box or high tension bundles, but is also a perfect match for general industry uses.

This high quality automatic strapping machine contains bottom heat sealed elements for maximum seal efficiency. With several valuable optional functions including auto load in feed and retracting system, loop ejector and short feeding detection device, the extra options features add up its strapping performance and its user-friendly characteristics. Hinged table top easy to access for maintenance or adjustment.

The most reliable and robust strapping equipment; magnificent and standout packaging machine for your daily operation.
Available Strap size :
5 mm (5 in stock)
9 mm (5 in stock)
***Please tell us which size strap you need when ordering.***
  • SELF-THREADING: Proven auto-feed allows strap to automatically feed with the touch of a button from outside machine.
  • RETRACT & REFEED STRAP SWITCH: Eliminates strap waste by retracting and refeeding excess strap at the turn of a switch.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Fewer moving parts & fewer adjustments means simplified operation and maintenance.
  • ENERGY SAVING OPERATION: Motors run only during strap cycle, providing the quietest working environment possible.
  • SEALING HEAD STRAP EJECTOR: Eliminates down time by clearing unwanted strap from seal head.
  • CHOICE OF STRAP: Polypropylene or Polyester strap sizes can be easily changed in the field, with minimum parts required. Available strap widths: 5, 6, 9, 12 and 15mm.
    Standard features:

  • Strapping speed: 45 straps per minute
  •  Advanced tensioning system – combination of torque and timing for various applications.
  • Latest in transit design allowing for strapping of small bundles
  • Center line sealing head
  • Waist high loading system
  • Looping ejector

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